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Gloming Dark: Beowulf shortfic

Wrote this one a while back...

Title: Gloming Dark (Yeah, uh. Didn't know what to title it so I followed the grand old Medievalist principle of naming the text by the first noun phrase therein.)
Fandom: Beowulf (Various eds & trans used- Klaeber's ed; Liuzza's trans; Heaney's trans.)
Characters: Beowulf, Unferth and Wiglaf in an unpleasant triangle which I shall not honour with the term 'slash'.
Rating: R, for non-con.
Word Count: 279. This one was hard enough to do without forcing it into a neat word count.
Appertaining Warnings: As above, non-con. Also, I've been translating Beowulf for several hours tonight, so have a Weird Medieval-oid Syntax Warning.
Prompt: </a></b></a>goblinpaladin wanted Beowulf/Unferth, which isn't what he's getting, but this will have to do. It is written, it shall be read, and it shall never be spoken of again. Particularly not in the hearing of certain lecturer-types, understand?

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