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I'm new here, so I figured that I might introduce myself and offer a fic as well. I'm Jen and I adore all manners of historical slash, particularly 18th century slash. I'm excited to see what this comm. has to offer. ^^

Without further ado, my offering.

Title: As Long As You're Mine
Author: Suce_Fleur
Rating: R
Word count: 1152
Characters: George Washington, Lafayette
Summary: After the Battle of Monmouth, Washington and Lafayette discuss General Lee, among other things.

The night of July 24 fell humid and unbearably warm. Tired men slept wherever they happened to collapse, in whatever place their strength simply gave way too. It had been the most trying of days for everyone, and as young Lafayette followed General Washington, his heart went to the exhausted men making camp on the ground. General Lee’s incompetence and stubbornness had cost them all dearly. As deep as his concern for his men ran, it could never surpass his worries for the General. Washington was his best American friend, perhaps even his best friend ever.

Several paces away from where the men camped, Washington spread his cloak across the cool grass, and dropped to the ground with a weary sigh, patting the empty space next to him.

“Join me.”

Lafayette willingly took a seat beside his commander, leaning back on his elbows with his legs crossed at the ankles. The night was deathly quiet now that the cannons were silenced and the roar of battle had died away. He half expected to hear crickets. Lafayette was nearly dozing when he heard the General sigh deeply again, agitated.

“Do you think I did the right thing? Sending Lee to the rear I mean. He won’t take it quietly and is likely writing to Congress as we speak. He’ll want a court martial to clear his name and regain command.”

Lafayette nodded sympathetically, and knew what would have been appropriate to say: that Washington was the Commander in Chief and his word was law. It would have been best to leave it at that, but somewhere between his youth and his determination, Lafayette was surprisingly outspoken.

“He is -how do you say it- an…idiot?”

The General laughed softly, then grew grim again. For several moments he simply stared up at the sky, far off twinkling stars on a backdrop of inky black. They were such a strange pair, Lafayette and the General. Washington was old enough to be his father and surprisingly treated him as a son. Lafayette was young and impudent, and this was his first war. Washington had already fought one campaign with Braddock, and now was fighting the same Crown he had so willingly served years earlier. No one understood it.

Lafayette inched his hand forward and laid it atop the General’s, lightly entwining their fingers. It was a bold move, an extremely bold move. Washington flinched, then looked down at their entwined hands. He hated any and all expressions intimacy, even those among close friends.


Then quite suddenly Lafayette lurched forward and bravely kissed the General on the mouth, one hand lightly trailing down the side of his face. Perhaps it wasn’t so odd; he was prone to greeting people in the French fashion after all; an exuberant hug and a swift kiss on each cheek. While uncomfortable with it, Washington never pushed him away, and they were far enough away from the men to risk it. He pulled away and awaited whatever reaction might come. Rather than leave in anger and disappointment, the General spoke in a low, gravelly voice.

“I can’t say that I ever expected this from you. You are one of my most competent aides. But I suppose that there are a few in every bunch of men.”

Lafayette frowned and inclined his head to one side, unsure as to where this was going. Certainly not in the direction he had hoped for.


Washington laughed humorlessly and regarded his friend with a critical eye. “I have been a solider for many years. Do not think that I am blind nor ignorant. The absence of wives and sweethearts drives men to madness.”
“Do you miss your wife then?” Lafayette asked dejectedly, refusing to think of his Adrienne back home in Paris with their two children. He was twenty-one, already a father to two young children and husband to a heiress two years his junior.

“Sometimes.” The General’s lack of enthusiasm surprised him. “And sometimes I have never been happier. It is good not to have a woman always clucking over you.” Then much more to Lafayette’s surprise, Washington reciprocated the kiss.

There was little time to begin with, and even less to waste. Lafayette lay back on the General’s cloak and welcomed Washington’s weight atop him, so much better than Adrienne’s slight frame. His friend smelled of leather and sweat-both beast and man, of sulfur from the cannons and smoke. It was an undeniably masculine scent.

The General pushed up Lafayette’s shirt and waistcoat, and pulled down his breeches. There was no sense in undressing; they neither had the time nor the will too properly be lovers. As Washington had said, war did strange things to a man’s mind and neither would likely ever refer to what was about to happen again.

He watched with weary fascination as Washington reached for the tub of leather balm in his saddle bags, a greasy cream that kept saddle and boot leather supple and reeked of the fat it was rendered from. The General liberally coated his manhood with a practiced hand, and Lafayette smirked briefly. So much for a man who gave the impression that he condemned this. However, he was still and quiet when Washington settled back atop him and brought them together, pushing his legs apart in the process.

Perhaps he had expected it to be different, to be more like it was with Adrienne. Perhaps he was even foolish for wanting it, but Lafayette gasped softly when he was entered and wrapped his arms around Washington’s broad back. The coarse blue wool of the General’s uniform bunched beneath his fingers and Lafayette stared up at night sky, Washington heaving above him. After the initial discomfort, it actually felt quite good, like a part of him that had been missing all these years had finally been filled.

Not being one to enjoy physical contact, the General neither caressed him nor showed emotion in any other way. Instead, he bit down hard on his own fist when he came and Lafayette shuddered on his own right, stifling a moan against Washington’s neck. Never had there been so quiet or hasty a coupling in the history of fornication.

Rolling off Lafayette, Washington tucked himself back inside his breeches and lay beside his aide, stoically silent as usual. Several moments later- for as odd as it was with him being the younger of the two, Lafayette needed the chance to catch is breath again- he reached for his own breeches and pulled them back into place. The General rested on his folded arms behind his head while Lafayette laid still with his hands resting on his bare stomach .

“When do you anticipate we will hear from Lee again?” Now that their hurried distraction was over, the General was back to business.

Lafayette did not answer immediately. He was too busy thinking.

Vous êtes mon coeur. You are my heart.
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