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schoslashtic's Journal

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Enter You. Schoolwork piles up all around your desk - papers to be written, terms to be memorized, equations to be solved - but you'd much rather write about Lewis and Clark's sweaty!wilderness!sex than review yet another page of notes.

You're bored. You're not working anyway. So assuage your conscience and give in to your deep, dark temptations: study by writing us fics!

Tell us the wonder of the coupling of the Proton and the Neutron. Explain the lascivious act of mixed media, how the brush mingles with the acrylics over that fucking debauched canvas who gets more action than you ever will. Dream about Jefferson and Hamilton exchanging steamy kisses between fiery debates.

Write a fic. It's fucking funny.

anjaliesque and hobaggins will be your mods today. Plz procede to r0ck 0n.
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